The Baldini Axle – No More Gut Bustin

The secret’s in the occupational Health and Safety award winning axle design.


  • 60% less effort to tilt back a fully loaded trolley
  • Perfect load balance over wheels with a full load

This means a greatly reduced risk of injuries such as shoulder strain, hernia and spinal disc compression.

Most staff, including females, can safely move goods
with Easitilt® Trolleys.

“Our staff love them because they make their work so much easier” – Rick Streefland, Streefland’s Transport, Launceston, TAS.

Simply touch the axle lock lever with your foot,
so the axle can “float” & tilt the trolley backwards.

You won’t believe heavy loads can feel so light. Axle lock re-engages automatically when the trolley is returned to its upright position.